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Posted by on Nov 13, 2017 in SEO Marketing in Auckland |

Components Of Auckland SEO Marketing

Businesses in New Zealand and in Auckland to be specific would be hard pressed to overlook the search traffic, and by extension overlook the Search Engine Optimization marketing. Search traffic is increasingly contributing more traffic to businesses that leverage these tools with each passing year.Components Of Auckland SEO Marketing With the apparent increase in the importance of search traffic, in relation to the overall traffic to websites targeting Auckland customer and clients, more businesses are investing in SEO marketing, whether in-house or by using SEO marketing companies. gives you more details suggested by SEO Experts.

However, for businesses that are setting their sights on this form of marketing, understanding the various bits and pieces of SEO marketing is important if they are to take full advantage and benefit from it. Herein, we are going to explore the components of SEO marketing.

SEO comprises two Fundamental Components:

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO entails as everything regarding the website itself that website owners can manipulate in an effort to improve the performance of the website in the search engine results page. To this end, it includes endeavors such as:

Increasing Web Page SpeedComponents Of Auckland SEO Marketing

It is important to ensure that your webpage loads as fast as possible, and ideally, faster than your completion. There are various ways of making a website load faster, which are used to improve the load speed of web pages.

Properly Using Title Tags And Meta Description

Proper use of title tags and meta description is an important aspect of improving the usability of your web pages as well as search engine friendly.

Optimizing Images

This is the practice of optimizing images to be user-friendly while at the same time making them search engine friendly. It may involve using alt tags, minifying the images, and much more.

Optimizing Website For Mobile Usage

As more and more people are using their mobile phones as the gateway to the internet, Google and other search companies are placing more emphasis on having a mobile-friendly website. This is covered as part of the on-page SEO where we have to optimize the website to be responsive to any user device available, including mobile phones.

Components Of Auckland SEO Marketing

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO entails the endeavors that are conducted to influence the performance of the website externally. The performance of a website is influenced by external factors such as:


Google has traditionally used backlinks as a measure of confidence that other website owners have on the linking websites. The more backlinks a website garners in the fullness of time ideally results in better performance. However, Google’s search algorithm has been modified and improved to consider the issue of the quality of links involved. To this end, the search engine not only looks at the number of backlinks you have but also the relevancy of the linking webpage and the quality of linking website.

Content Optimization

Content optimization involves the use and optimization of various types of content to educate, inform, or otherwise highlight specific information for users consume. It involves keyword analysis and optimization, use of LSI keywords, developing ever-green content, developing long-form content, and much more.

There other elements involved in SEO marketing. Consulting a high-quality, experienced SEO agency will help understand the components of SEO that will best work for you.Watch the video to know more: